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Rainbow Specifications

1. Purified homes air from impurities and dust
2.  Provide a wonderful smell for the atmosphere using aromatic oils
3.  Sterilization of the atmosphere using glycol to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases
4.  Eliminate unpleasant and undesired odors
5.  Cleaning carpets, rugs and precious pieces in a unique and revitalizing manner and remove the dead layer from them.
6.  Clean the marble, tiles and ceramics from the dust in an easy and effective way and maintain its luster and its splendor
7.  Clean the hard corners of dust such as corners of the cupboards, furniture and windows
8.  Cleaning of wooden and metal doors and windows
9.  Clean the glass and mirrors to look bright
10.  Cleaning precious artifacts, pictures, gifts and sensitive electronic devices in a soft and distinctive way
11.  Cleaning the walls and decorations of dust
12.  Remove the hard spots of carpets and dry them to look like new
13.  Washing and drying tiles and ceramics to look great and distinctive
14.  Cleaning curtains easily and without the need to bother decomposition and installation and whatever height
15.  Remove the hard stains from the bedspreads
16.  Wash and dry the windows
17.  Washing and drying of precious and high chandeliers
18.  Clean the sleeping pads and quilts and disinfect them properly
19.  Inflatable balloons, swimming pools and rubber products
20.  Eliminate the household dust mite that causes allergies and asthma
21.  Storing the pillows and quilts in a manner that empties them from the air for easy preservation and storage

The device also avoids the effects of dust and odors, but also provides a "healthy" and "sterile" atmosphere thanks to purification
Filtration and filtering by water, which makes it unique "of its kind in the field of global cleaning”
The use of the device on a daily basis helps prolong the life of the furniture and thus rid the furniture from all the dust and the dust that works to kill the lint and cut the tissue by
friction, also helps to prevent the accumulation of germs and bacteria and the emission of unpleasant odors


The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers AHAM certifies that the Rainbow is a proven air cleaner
designed to reduce air pollutants that contribute to poor indoor air quality.

The Rainbow is certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly™ by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.
This certification is only awarded to vacuum cleaners that have been scientifically proven to remove allergen
from carpeting, while retaining allergen within the vacuum cleaner.

All cleaning and fragrance solutions have been reformulated to be more “Earth Friendly”.

The Rainbow has met the Carpet Industry Standard for all three elements:
soil removal, dust containment and carpet appearance.

Many home owners today are worried about whether or not they are doing the very best possible job of vacuuming
their carpet. We all want a clean house and the average person is willing to spend money to achieve that goal.
Let's say that you are a Rainbow vacuum cleaner salesman and your marketing director back at the office has set
you up an appointment with Jack and Sally Richards tonight at seven o'clock.
They are willing to watch the Rainbow demonstration because a friend of theirs had given the Rainbow vacuum
man their name as a referral. If they are able to help him give four demonstrations to their friends and relatives,
they will receive a free gift. This gift might very well be a three day two-night vacation or an accessory
or part for the Rainbow machine.
An individual that finds themselves in the market for a vacuum sweeper must do a little research before making
a decision. There are only a gazillion makes, brands and models to choose from and choosing the right one
is never easy. If the salesman mentioned above shows up on time for his appointment with Jack and Sally,
he will probably find that they have already gone through several vacuum cleaners since they were married.
I found that if a couple owned a Kirby, Electrolux, and maybe a Thermax, they would probably buy a Rainbow too.
If the above individual who is looking for a new sweeper narrows the search down and only looks at cleaning machines
that use water instead of a bag they will probably make the right decision. Why, because dust and dirt, when it is wet,
cannot be blown out of the exhaust of the vacuum cleaner and fly back into the air. You see, most vacuums use a paper bag,
which blows very small dust particles back into the air through the tiny holes in the bag. If the bag didn't have holes in it there would
be an explosion and dust would fly everywhere. I've actually seen this happen. As a matter of fact, one exploded right in my face
one time and I was covered in dust and all kinds of nasty stuff that you normally find in a vacuum cleaner bag.
No matter what brand you choose, Kirby, Hoover, Eureka, or even Electrolux, if it uses a paper bag it will blow dust.
So, to be safe, do a little looking around before you buy and check out those water based vacuum cleaners that use water as a filter and you'll be
much happier with your indoor environment.
Steve McArthur